Barbara Brussell

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The Lyrics of Alan Jay Lerner”

The New York Times   -- Stephen Holden, 12/10/04

...charm and glamour that suggest Renée Zellweger as a late-50's torch intensely dramatic voice similar to Betty Buckley's middle and lower register.

It ought to establish Ms. Brussell as a singer and storyteller ready to join the dozen or so performers on cabaret's top rung.

Ms. Brussell and her pianist, Tedd Firth, strip away layers of musical formality to unearth the feelings beneath the official trappings.


The New York Observer   -- Rex Reed
, 11/3/04

Barbara Brussell, the wittiest of girl singers, is interpreting the songs of Alan Jay Lerner, the most urbane and literate of lyricists.  This treasure of good fortune...You’d be a fool to miss it.

(Lerner) wrote as many different kinds of songs as she has moods, voices and mannerisms.  Ms. Brussell can fulfill every fantasy with a snap of her fingers. 
She is real, she is tender, she is wacky. 

She’s such a fine actress that she can shine a flashlight on the subtext of a Lerner lyric in fresh ways that make you feel like you’re hearing it for the first time... makes "If Ever I Would Leave You" from
Camelot tremble and shimmer with passion.

BACK STAGE Bistro Bits -- David Finkle, 11/12-18/04

Brussell is doing something few others do or have done... it’s 100% authentic. 

“...breathtaking interpretation...  a fragile intensity... intricately etched inclusions...


Cabaret Scenes  --  Peter Leavy,
10/ 8/04 

Brussell has a voice as satisfying as a fine cello in a virtuoso’s hands.

Lerner’s oeuvre of melodic and romantic songs is  a treasure trove of perfect material for her... poignant, informative, joyful and absorbing.

Barbara Brussell hits the cabaret ball right over the outfield fence.