Barbara Brussell



                a. As per Tech Requirements.

                b.  SPONSOR is to provide Artist with transport to and from airport for scheduled flights and local transport as     needed.

c.       SPONSOR is to provide A.S. with one complete original set of all press stories and reviews pertaining to this engagement.

            d .   SPONSOR is responsible for all music royalties.

                  e.   SPONSOR is to provide ARTISTS with complete dinner and beverages after  performance. Suggested menu will be provided at later date.

f.         SPONSOR is to provide  tuned Grand Piano. Piano is to be tuned only after it is positioned ..   Adjustable Piano bench is to be provided.

g.       SPONSOR is to provide the following sound equipment:    1 wireless hand held microphone for performer,

1 spare microphone off stage on stand,  1  one microphone for piano which is positioned  inside piano so that lid can be closed,  monitors (upstage of piano bench and one in each wing)  and mixing board.

             h. Lighting as follows: 2 Follow spots with various gels including baby pink, warm and cool color washes plus specials.

             i   Dressing rooms are to be well it and with mirrors, hot and cold running water, bathrooms and also contain a

                    Selection of Herbal teas, bottled water, lemon, sugar, sweet and low, diet sodas, ice, grapefruit juice and fresh seasonal fruit..

j.   Crew is to consist of 2 follow spot operators, lighting board operator, sound board operator and stage manager

to call show.

k.        Stage floor  is to be hard wood and not carpeted, CYC with various color lighting is to be upstage. One bar stool

      is to be provided. On upstage side of piano is to be placed a small table  with 2 glasses of water

             l. SPONSOR agrees that ARTIST may cancel the engagement hereunder by  giving  SPONSOR written notice thereof at least 90 days prior to the commencement date hereunder if ARTIST shall be called upon to render  services in connection with theatrical motion picture(s),  television series or special, a television appearance, legitimate stage production or an engagement in the State of Nevada or in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and if the engagement hereunder might conflict therewith. In the event of such termination, ARTIST shall in good faith confer and consult with SPONSOR in order to endeavor to arrange for the rescheduling of ARTISTíS performance hereunder at a later date subject to ARTISTíS availability and THEATRE availability