Barbara Brussell

What the Critics Are Saying About

(and her show
“THE PIANO BENCH OF MY MIND:  Songs I’ve Been Sitting On For Far Too Long,”

The New York Times- "...Courage to buck the trend...wildly eclectic program ranges from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Joni Mitchell. Projecting an off-kilter blend of zaniness and pathos that suggests the unpredictable mood swings of a Renée Zellweger character, Ms. Brussell ... is a quick-change artist who injects an element of surprise into everything she sings. ... genuinely real and touching. " - Stephen Holden, 11/25/03

New York Observer- Captivating. A singer with wit, style, warmth, drive, and impeccable musical taste. She treats music like architecture- slowly building songs...brick by brick, until the mortar is in place and a total mood is created.
Her voice is a happy voice, with  a husky edge that can be sexy and slap happy at the same time.
Every number bears her unique stamp, she holds notes on descriptive words the way a great actor breaks up the thought patterns in a monologue. In a cabaret world... Barbara Brussell is a dream come true." - Rex Reed, 11/03
Time Out New York - Cabaret singer Barbara Brussell looks like a composite of the great Hollywood blonds, from Harlow and Monroe to Goldie Hawn. And in her heart-tugging roller coaster of a show, she's everything those women are onscreen: childlike, desperate, flirty, madcap, sad ... Brussell is Cinderella again, so endearingly starry-eyed that every word of her fantasies rings true.  - James Gavin,12/03

The Beverly Hills Outlook-  “The apex of cabaret!”  Winner of the ‘Best Cabaret Performer of the Year 2003,’ Award "- Gina Zolman, 04

THEATERMANIA.COM- "Barbara Brussell is one of this city's most "live" performers. What truly sets her apart from so many of her contemporaries, though, is her deliciously loopy sense of humor.” - Barbara and Scott Siegel,11/03

CABARET SCENES MAGAZINE-“We recognize them from old movies - the world weary blonde sophisticate and the blonde bombshell belter. Barbara Brussell, a soulful musical actress, is a little bit of bit of both.  .... taking a chance on love and everything else, proved again to be a one-of-a-kind chanteuse for these most complex of times." - Elizabeth Alfors, 2003